Ethereal Sound Journeys

Whether it be light ambient, atmospheric soundscapes, avant-garde experimental drones, or textural space music, the common thread to Gregg Plummer's compositions is that each track is music that is meant to be felt.

The complete discography, including collaboration works, is listed below.


Circumstantial Dimensions

Permanence is ephemeral. Dimensions can be circumstantial. Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. Enjoy the journey.

Red Veil

Time is a precious commodity. In this hyper connected and information soaked world, a bit of time away from the buzz of the world can be just what the mind and soul need in order to recharge and find our way. -Brad Ross-MacLeod


The story Gregg tells has four chapters. The first depicts a challenging dynamic spectrum of needing to belong; the second evokes the feeling of being lost in a crowd; the third offers a study of rejection and isolation; and the climax illustrates the underlying personal empowerment which sets us free.

Escape From Sleep

Escape From Sleep draws the listener into a semi-conscious reality the exists only in the little known regions that lie between sleep and being awake.

Three Graces

The music of "Three Graces" straddles the genres of light ambience and textural soundscapes, rewarding those who listen to the album end to end with the kind of journey that evolves seamlessly from realms of angelic choir to abstract tone poem and back again.


Foreboding is an unsettling dark ambient soundtrack well suited for dark contemplations of uncertainties


Luna, "The Lesser Light", shines in the darkness and stands vigil in the night guiding us to morning. Experience the lush mystery of nighttime through drifting ambient soundscapes.

Remember This Place

Calming, contemplate soundscapes for centering and relaxation.


An ambient sound experience of light into darkness returning to light.

Invisible Bird

Never fear the light. A shimmering journey through pristine light ambient sound.


"Vast" offers a melodic yet droning soundscape that sets the pace for a journey forth into the vastness of space.

Mirrored Echoes

Powerful contemplative atmospheric and melodic memory spaces

Many Souls

Immerse yourself in ambispiritual and shamanic space through sound.


Atmospheric downbeat ambient soundscapes guiding you through time and space.


Quiet Friends

The authenticity of connecting to the present moment is so alive here. This collection is living proof of an omni-present soundcurrent, one these quiet friends here have tapped into in their own powerful way to create a multi-faceted jewel of a release. I am deeply honored and moved beyond by your efforts. -Steve Roach

All Is Calm 2013

May these songs comfort you in moments of reflection during the long, cold days of winter. May they herald a new year ripe with hope and the promise of renewed purpose and infinite wonder. Joy to you and yours... -Brad Ross-MacLeod December 2013

All Is Calm 2012

This is the third annual seasonal celebration from Free Floating. Let there be peace on earth... Brad Ross-MacLeod December 2012


The first compilation of the San Francisco Bay Experimental Electronic Music (SFBEEM) artists is here! Download and listen to a wide sampling of electronic music styles from local artists now.

All Is Calm 2011

This is the second annual seasonal celebration from Free Floating. I hope that it provides a scintillating backdrop to end of year celebrations, conversations, libations and meditations. Peace and love to one and all. Merry Christmas. Brad Ross-MacLeod December 2011


Welcome to a different world as envisioned through the lens of Imagining and have some fun!

Aural Fractals

Exciting longform soundscapes from two excellent ambient artists. Don't miss it!


The Ambient Collective are proud to present to you "Pure". This is our first ever Charity release and it is for "Breast Cancer Research". One in nine women will suffer with breast cancer...

Sonic Strata 2

Three teams. Four artists to each team. Each artist created a layer and then forwarded it to the next team member. What you are about to listen to are end products. Three stunning and beautiful ambient pieces of work.

Dreams Without Words

Hauntingly beautiful. Warm and mysterious. Cascading vocals create a dream journey through tranquil and relaxing inner space.


An amazing collaboration featuring ambient styles from all the star signs. Ranging from Sublime Drone to pure Soundtrack; IDM to Ethereal... stunning tracks for your enjoyment brought to you by todays finest underground ambient producers. Enjoy, -Bluejooz

Light / Dark

The light is soothing... The darkness is twisted...

Places Of Importance

The Ambient Collective invites you to visit these places which have special meanings to us individually.

Infinite Space

The Ambient Collective welcomes you to the far reaches of infinite space.

Thunderstorm Witch

The debut spoken word and electronic recording project from the Bay Area Pagan performance artist and Dancer Walter Thompson III.